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21st Century Marketing:

Implementing the 21CM System

A One-Day Workshop and More

21st century technology has changed marketing. Websites, social media, mobile platforms have changed more than just the tools marketers use – they have changed our fundamental approach to marketing. Mastering the 21st century marketing mindset, and the skills to implement that mindset, is hard – but critical to your success.

This workshop builds on the 21st Century Marketing and Building 21CM Brand Narratives workshop with a deep dive into how to employ 21st-century marketing tools to turn online marketing into a growth engine for your company!

What you’ll learn

In this hands-on workshop you will use the strategies, tools and narratives of 21CM to build implementable marketing funnels, pathways and campaigns.  In the workshop you’ll learn:

  • Building marketing funnel pathways using social media and website tools!
  • Infusing brand narratives into your pathways
  • Using multiple pathways to attract customers with different buying styles

What you’ll get

The 21CM workshops start as soon as you register and continues after the live workshop session.  Workshop resources include:

  • 21st Century Marketing Implementation Workbook
  • Access to 21st Century Marketing Implementation online resources
  • Access to the 21st Century Marketing community